My Travel Checklist and Tips for Safranbolu

Greetings from Safranbolu, the city that still looks like an historical Turkish city. I am on vacation with my wife for three days here. I will share my “Places to visit” checklist and provide short comments about there to help others thinking to visit Safranbolu.

Transportation Advices 

Safranbolu is at west of Black Sea region near Karabük. You can arrive here with a car or a coach. My checklist includes places of a range of nearly 100 km’s. So I recommend to have a car with you. But no problem otherwise, there are buses to most of places nearby with a frequent schedule.

Karabük Kilcioğlu Pide 

It is my first checkpoint. Kilcioğlu really knows how to make a delicios pide. Each kind is worth eating so you can order a mixed pide if you don’t have a specific choice. The dough of pide was so unique that I have never eaten a pide in my whole lifetime before. Your stomach will love these pides for sure. One pide is 15 TL. Also drink a “Bağlar Gazozu” with it for only 2 TL.

Hotel – Çeşmeli Konak 

I am staying two nights here, 50 Euros a day. It is a classical historical Safranbolu building. It is quite clean and close to town center. Rooms are also designed as a historical Turkish style just as old village house rooms. If you are not familiar with old Turkish rooms, you will be surprised a lot. Restroom and shower are inside the room behind the closet. The room has a Quran translated in English and each verse has comments written by a scholar Ahmet Hulusi. A good breakfast is included in price. There is also free Wifi Internet connection.

Eski Çarşı (Old Bazaar) 

Since Safranbolu is an important historical trade center in the past, it has a still-live bazaar. At the bazaar, different kinds of foods, fabrics, woodcrafts and coppercrafts are being traded. I recommend to you try lokum (Turkish Delight) from “İmren Lokumcusu” and drink a Turkish coffee from Arasta Cafe there. Also there is Hıdırlık Hill stands near Safranbolu. You can drink a tea while enjoying the city view.

Yörük Village

“Yörük” is a name of a Turkish Tribe. There is a village named “Yörük Köyü” at a few kilometers west of the city. You can taste “Gözleme” and “Ayran”. They are very delicious.


Amasra is a great coastal city with a peninsula. It is 90 kilometers north of Safranbolu. It is difficult to find a natural-port on Black Sea coasts because of geographical position of mountains. But Amasra is one of these rare cities that having a natural-port. You can view the great scene with an island from a highland “Ağlayan Ağaç”. Also there is a fish restaurant named “Canlı Balık”. You can eat delicious fishes there.

Canyon and Kristal Teras

There is a canyon a few kilometers north of Safranbolu. You can first visit “Kristal Teras” and view the canyon from the top. There is a transparent hard glass where you can walk on it above the canyon. It is really exiting. Then you can have a walk on hiking trails made of wood and go down where there is a small stream.

That is all I am telling. I wish it helps anyone reading this. Please add your comments if you have something to add. See you on another post.